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Big Issues We Solve

Your Data Grows Every Day. So Do Your Opportunities to Use It.

The big picture isn’t limited to the factory floor; it’s operations, accounting, supply chain, marketing, sales, and logistics working independently and exchanging information as needed. Teradata works with the biggest, most renowned high-tech, CPG, and industrial manufacturers, making sure the right people have the right information at the right time. With that information in hand you can:

  • Streamline supply chain performance and provide end-to-end visibility

  • Establish asset and process performance improvements using analytics, not capital

  • Bolster your bottom line using analytics to reduce overall spend

  • Develop a deeper understanding of both B2B and B2C customers to grow revenue via customer engagement

Why Teradata

Industrial Scale Analytics for Current and Future Needs

While some companies offer parts and pieces needed to get game-changing insights into the hands of the business – Teradata offers the whole package. Technology and scale others can’t touch, a process - measured in weeks, not months - that proves ROI prior to major investment.  All this, from veterans of the manufacturing industry trusted by the best brands in the world.
This also means our customers have confidence in:
  • Our industry and functional experts are not career consultants. They are veterans who have first-hand experience and know how analytics improve an organization’s performance.

  • Teradata products, solutions, and IP that enable manufacturers to not only remove internal silos and integrate all enterprise data – but to develop and apply analytics against it.

  • The scalability and speed that are fundamental to our approach and critical to handle a manufacturer’s evolving use cases and data sources

Case Studies and Resources

The Best Companies in the World Trust Us for Good Reason

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Our Experts

Insider, Executive Level Manufacturing Experience

Our Manufacturing Team brain trust brings more than 79 years of consulting experience to the table, including a deep understanding of international high tech, industrial, and CPG manufacturing environments.

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