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The Teradata Analytics Platform simplifies and improves the user experience by providing analytics at scale, integrating the best analytic engines, supporting the most popular tools and languages, and operationalizing analytics at enterprise scale. Teradata Analytics Platform allows you to use your favorite analytic tools, the most suitable languages, and the best  analytic engines to access a larger variety  of data — including new sources.

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Provide an integrated data and analytics environment that delivers the best analytic functions and engines at scale.


Support for multiple data types, formats, and heterogeneous data stores.


Empower companies to easily build and use analytics through support for their preferred analytic tools and languages.


Operationalize analytics on an enterprise-ready platform to produce high-impact, trusted business outcomes.


Forget looking for analytic functions in multiple locations—we bring analytic functions and engines together within a single environment


Integrations to preferred languages including SQL, R, and Python, as well as workbenches including Jupyter, RStudio, Teradata Studio, Teradata AppCenter and SAS


Fully parallel operations, mission-critical availability, complex query performance, and multiple data types, formats and store support

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Teradata Analytics Platform

Now the impossible has become a reality with the Teradata Analytics Platform.

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4D Analytics – Smarter IoT Edge Computing

Time-series, temporal, geospatial, operational and customer analytics combined to boost smart cities, wearables and transportation

4D Details

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  • 4D Analytics – Smarter IoT Edge Computing

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