Teradata Vantage Consumption Pricing

The Consumption offer for Teradata Vantage is the modern approach to cloud analytics, enabling users to align investment with outcomes by paying only for what's used-and nothing more.  Download this datasheet for a detailed overview of the Vantage consumption pricing offers:

Business Benefits
• Pay-as-You-Go - Pay only for what’s used and never pay for anything that’s not actively being consumed.
• Get Usage Transparency - Track usage easily and fairly assign costs by department, which aligns value with use.
• Enjoy Solution Elasticity - Never again worry about infrastructure or capacity planning, which becomes a Teradata responsibility.

• Pay Only for What’s Used - Compute and storage used for customer queries and loads are the only factors that determine price.
• Automatic Scaling - Resources scale as needed and customers need never forecast user demand or utilization.
• Public Cloud Choice - Choose from either Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure for deployment.

Commitment and On-Demand Options
• Commitment is pre-purchased compute and storage usage that an organization draws down over time (e.g., 1 or 3 years). Commitment is best for known or predictable workloads, moderate to high utilization, and budget predictability.  
• On-Demand enables customers to get started with zero upfront payment and zero financial obligation; one can use as much or as little as desired and simply pay monthly in arrears. On-Demand provides the ultimate in flexibility and is recommended for new or uncertain workloads as well as systems that will have a short lifespan.

Key Business Benefit Areas
• Performance includes getting the most value from an analytic investment.
• Security provides peace of mind about privacy and compliance.
• Availability is having higher uptime, more productive users, and greater business continuity.
• Operations covers all the daily tasks needed any IT environment, including always being on the latest release. Teradata is committed to offering as-a-service capabilities to meet the needs of modern enterprises looking move faster, be more responsive and add capabilities as needed, while ensuring they remain on the latest software release and reduce the drag of technical debt.

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